Music and Lyrics by Gracie Martin

Production, Vocals and Baritone Ukulele by Gracie Martin

Featuring Evan Raines (Violin), Sandy Eldred (Bass) and Jacob Snider (Keyboard)


the half life of love

the half life of love

The Half Life of Love Lyrics

She was born

Fully formed

From his head

But she thought it was the middle of the ocean


Sweetest thing in the universe

She was made to make him hers


Chosen one

God of love

And to think

This was back when I didn’t know anything


Oh I guess that She was me

Super power came for free

You know by now I had to change

But oh I miss

That big bang


Then all the sudden everybody started shielding their eyes

Then all the sudden I noticed I was up so high

I didn’t wanna notice it was time

Didn’t want to read the signs

But I was embarrassed that you were mine

And it seemed like a cool thing to have a normal life


But you should know that She

Was ready so fall for a million years

And let the air play music through

Her open heart like a flute


Sweetest thing 

Still stings

That I thought 

That having me was better than what I got


What a terrible mistake

Have something wonderful and trade

For something day to day to day

But I can’t stay

In that big bang