Siren Song Lyrics


Ever since I crashed at sea

I feel like I can never leave

Even though I stay on land

Still salty water in my ears


Sailors come and sailors try

To push me in so they can save my life

They wonder why I feel like sand

Saying “come on in, the water’s fine”


Poor sailor…

You fell in love with some girl you made up

And I remind you of her well enough


And I’m not siren

But I’m not blinded by what you see

It’s terrifying

To see you diving

And oh I know, oh no, the water ain’t that deep


Ever since I came to sea

Have trouble staying on my feet

Dreams of falling overboard

And mermaids come to rescue me


I could find a woman in the waves

In the secret pool where the goddess bathes

But when I take her back to shore

Will curses rain down on my fate?


Oh I fell in love with a woman I made up

And you remind me of her well enough


Are you a siren?

Cause I am blinded

By what you sing

I hope you’re mine then

Cause I am diving

Just let me know if you know the water ain’t that deep


Ever since I crashed at sea

No one came to rescue me

So I sit here on the rock

Singing out my siren song

siren song

siren song

Music and Lyrics by Gracie Martin

Production, Vocals and Baritone Ukulele by Gracie Martin

Featuring Hannah Van Sciver (Drums) and Dan Ison (Cello)