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plant me here

plant me here

curator elliott arrick

Plant Me Here was formed in the Fall of 2014 by Elliott Arrick as a place to invite artists of varying backgrounds and disciplines to transform a collection of Jason Rosenbergs poetry into spectacle. When I was recruited for Plant Me Here, I was fresh off the heels of my first attempt at self-producing. I was honored to be under the guidance of Elliott’s vision. While I had had brief moments of sharing my music in college I had grown accustomed to neglecting that part of myself. Early in process with Plant Me Here I was given the prompt to adapt Jason Rosenberg’s poem “Why I Hate the Color Yellow” into a non-movement based piece of expression. The song “Yellow” was born and we embarked on a collaborative journey that transformed my songwriting practice.

photo: elliott arrick


So many memories of Plant Me Here feel like a collective dream. A chosen childhood. A creation myth and an apocalypse prophecy. Elliott’s curatorial eye and Jason’s words created fertile soil for so many ideas to grow. Every song I created exists in fractals of creations from the rest of the company. The catalog of music below is an intricate root system of world building by Jason Rosenberg, Elliott Arrick, Tess Kunik, Susanne Collins, Caitlin Dagle, Tory Trama, Ciera Gardener, Bailey Roper, Kahla Brown, myself and others.

the songs

the songs

Featuring work by Elliott Arrick, Jason Rosenberg, Gracie Martin, Caitlin Dagle, Tess Kunik, Kahla Brown, Susanne Collins and Anthony Martinez Briggs

Plant Me Here: 

Phases 1 & 2

Featuring work by Elliott Arrick, Jason Rosenberg, Gracie Martin, Tess Kunik, Susanne Collins and Tory Trama.

The House at the End of the World

I'm Not Myself Today

An adaptation of Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov featuring work by Elliott Arrick, Jason Rosenberg, Evelyn Swift Shuker, Gracie Martin, Susanne Collins, Ciera Gardener, Bailey Roper, Tory Trama, Tess Kunik and Nic Scheppard.

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photo: kate raines