other projects

other projects

In addition to the fantasy folk pop project that is Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls, Gracie thrives in outside collaborations. Stemming from her formative experience as a Plan Me Here (link page) company member, Gracie’s experience with writing music in a collaboration with other artists runs deep. 


Want to hire Gracie to write music for your play, film, or experimental piece? Hit her up!





Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (soundtrack coming soon)

Wilma Theatre 2019 Production

Directed by Blanka Ziska 


Featuring music by Gracie Martin

With contributing work by Jordan McCree, Evan Raines, Matthew Mastronardi, Anthony Martinez Briggs, Terran Scott, Patrick Campbell, Aphra, Jason Rosenberg and Matteo Scammell 


Engineered and Produced by Chris Sannino 

With “Prologue” and “ENEMY” Produced by Jordan McCree 

And “Night Walking Remix”  Produced by Aphra



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