Night Walking Lyrics



wondering when this city ends

muffled noise

angry boys

i just want no more eyes to avoid

nightwalking one way talking

no fear no fear

i don’t feel brave walking here



it’s alright

the taxi’s slow when they pass me by

rip tides

cat eyes

it’s russian roulette to go outside

nightwalking stop sign talking

no fear no fear

i don’t feel strange walking here


then gas station boy barks at me wanting to feel me between his teeth

oh then gas station boy stares at me imagining me drink his blood from an ivory cup

my only weapon is “no thanks”

my only weapon is “no thanks”



who needs choice

girls just want to get destroyed

female gaze waste of space

my body is a public place

nightwalking one way walking

no no no no

text me when you get home



night walking

Music by Gracie Martin

Lyrics by Jason Rosenberg and Gracie Martin

Production, vocals and Baritone Ukulele by Gracie Martin

Featuring Hannah Van Sciver (Drums), Dan Ison (Cello), Sandy Eldred (Bass) and Jacob Snider (Keyboard)